In order to meet the needs and government requirement of a restaurant or a similar commercial operation, a commercial kitchen must be well designed properly. Without up to date appliances and efficient layout, your commercial kitchen could slow down your commercial operation, wasting company money and reducing efficiency. A good commercial kitchen remodel will solve problems and improve efficiency to ensure that your commercial operation is as profitable as possible.

At CGMT F&B EQUIPMENT SDN BHD, we help our customers realize their business’s potential. Starting with a consultation and remodel planning session, we help our clients make their commercial kitchen meet its maximum potential. Furthermore, we also provide one stop solution which also complete your restaurant front end design, from indoor to outdoor.

We help a lot of company which design and renovate their restaurant with very high standard including Xiao Long Kan, Haidilao, Beauty In The Pot, Restoran Gui Lin, EZGO, Shang Chuan Wei Steamboat, Jiang Jun Fu Hotpot, Chuan Chuan Xiang Hotpot, Ma Tou Feng Yun Hotpot, etc.

Our Services include:

  • Indoor and outdoor design,
  • Decoration construction,
  • Kitchen equipment and hotel furniture installation and maintenance.

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  • 室内和室外设计,
  • 装饰施工,
  • 厨房设备及酒店家具的安装与维护。

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